Co-operative registration

Co-operative registration

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A very simple definition of a co-operative would be to say it is a business where a group of people get together voluntary to address their common needs.

A co-operative is a distinct form of enterprise that provides services and/or products to its members. Profit, known as surpluses in a co-operative, is divided among members in relation to the amount of the business each member did with the co-operative.

By registering a co-operative, you are creating a legal entity with powers and responsibilities as prescribed in the amended Co-operatives Act 6 of 2013. Before registering a co-operative, take note of the importance of record-keeping that need to be done by a co-operative.

Before you decide to register a co-operative, you need to have a formation meeting to decide on a common purpose and agree to register a co-operative.  At the formation meeting, the members have to decide on the form and type of co-operative. There must be at least five natural persons or two juristic persons or a combination of any five persons in order to form a primary co-operative.

We register all forms of cooperatives within 5 days with the CIPC.  

Model constitutions for co-operatives:

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